Patrick Brandt Fotostrukturen
The Essen artist Patrick Brandt creates large-format abstract photographs of nature as well as „Aktivografies“.
His macro-photographs demonstrate an intense dynamic range. Extreme exposures, affecting light and movement, create
a unique pictorial quality to his work. Patrick Brandt also undertakes architectural photography and portraiture in extreme high
In spring of 2008 he presented his photographic works titled „PURA VIDA“ for the first time. Patrick Brandt is trying to lift his
impressions of nature onto a more abstract level. With these photographs he found a new way to show the different forms,
colours and moods that nature has to offer. The macro-photographs areconvincing in colour intensity, power and dynamics
and are characterized by the beauty of nature.
Due to his engagement in drawing and painting many of his photo structures resemble a canvas. This impression is even
enhanced by using large size motives (< 200 cm x 140 cm) thus enabling them to unfold their vibrating luminance.
Working with extreme lighting situations, velocity and movement leads to a visual quality of its own.
For Patrick Brandt the shapes, colours and moods of nature do not require a definition. Instead, he reserves every beholder
the right to approach the pictures unbiased and as freely as possible, thereby inviting them to follow one's own imagination
and interpretation. For artwork is about widening the perception of things surrounding us.

Patrick Brandt Aktivografien
Since 2002, Patrick Brandt has developed this project subsuming it into his work series „Aktivografien“.
He uses a very specific photographic procedure in order to create abstract structures on the basis of illustrations of his
worldwide applied film and photo equipment through the control scanner of the security systems at airports. Through the
taking these image files out of their originally intended function, namely to screen the luggage of travelers, a completely new
visual context evolves and providing the possibility for a changed approach.
With his own graphic basic elements he generates photographic forms with an elaborate process in the computer creating
a new image. In form and design the generated „Aktivografien“ are reminiscent of early drawings and paintings by
Patrick Brandt and can be viewed in the catalog „Patrick Brandt – Aktivografien“ published in 2008.
Textual revision by Prof. Gerda Schlembach
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Pictures in Rooms
The original works are matt laminations on a 4 mm Dibond carrier coated with an additional UV and water protective laminate
film. The pictures can be produced using various processes, for example Diasec/Acryl, and in diverse formats and details.
Patrick Brandt’s works have been and are promoted by well regarded companies as well as interior architects for planning and
designing as well as conceptual collaborations. 

Patrick Brandt Biography
Since starting his career as a cameraman, travelling has been Patrick Brandt’sdaily business. His work for TV documentaries
and his own productions led him to distant places all over the world, where Patrick Brandt, born in Essen in 1970, captured
landscapes, animals and people with his camera. In the past he portrayed the people of the Himba in Namibia and the Massai
in Kenya.
Besides, he accompanied scientists from all over the world to explore animals such as humpback whales, various sharks and
insects. His work has taken him back many times to the African wildlife. In 2007 he had one encounter with the world’s largest
predator, the sperm whale.
An eco-documentary brought him to the Pacific Island of Isla de Coco, where he visited the hammerhead shark schools.
His 30-year diving experience has always been helpful on these adventurous trips.
His special talent to direct the camera with great sensitivity lively, excitingly, and artistically, provides Patrick Brandt with the
opportunity to work as a freelance cameraman and photographer for renowned production companies in various formats for
German television. His work is distinguished by a high level of professionalism, swiftness, creativity as well as versatility.
Ulrich Stein
Lecturer for the Cinematographic History and Theory at the Hamburg media School.

Patrick Brandt Portraits

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Single Exhibitions Patrick Brandt
2018 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 Two-Picture-Exhibition Web
The Art is supported by:
2015 Lecture about film & art, Rotary Club Mülheim
2013 Recording in the artist files MOMA, New York
2010 „Artcar“ at  Ruhr 2010 „Capitol of European Culture“
2009 Presentation „Artcar Ford S-Max“ Mine Bochum
2009 Gofus Golf Club, Bochum, „Aktivografien“
2008 Düsseldorf Arcaden, „Fotostrukturen“
2008 Galerie am Museum, GAM Essen, „Aktivografien“
2008 „extraschicht“ Oktogon Zollverein, Essen, „Aktivografien“
2008 Weltkulturerbe Zollverein, Essen, „Aktivografien“
2008 „PURA VIDA“ im Baur Versand Bamberg, „Fotostrukturen“
2008 „PURA VIDA“ Galerie Flohr Santanyi Mallorca, „Fotostrukturen“
Group Exhibitons Patrick Brandt
2009 „Overwork“ Forum for Art and Architecture, Essen
2008 „Art Toronto“, intern. fair for modern a contemporary art

Art Works of Patrick Brandt you will find in collections of AIDA cruises, Allianz Versicherung, Baur Versand,
Carnival Cruise Lines, Commerzbank, Ernst & Young, Ford, Gallinat Bank, Hochtief, Karstadt, KPMG, mfi AG



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